Friday, September 11, 2009

Osprey nest

Waterton park, I loved the way the lake mirrored the mountain top. This was an evening shot.

Here are the osprey we saw on our way to and at the Waterton Reservoir. This one was on a platform at the damn flexing its wings, I believe it is a young one as it feathers were mottled black an white.

It surprised me to see an osprey perched in the plains, though I do realize that the birds will fly about 15 miles to water from their nesting site. This adult stayed near the nesting platform but when we stopped the vehicle but its mate flew off towards Payne Lake to the south. There may have been a young in the nest though we did not see one. I have noticed on previous siting of osprey that the young will duck down into the nest making them un-noticeable from the ground if the parents start to call out. This spot was on a secondary highway south of the reservoir.

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