Thursday, March 11, 2010

Angels where least expected

Playing with images in Pages. Another compilation of my images of Alberta. The photos were taken last summer and fall.

 This angel caught me off guard in a spooky kinda way seeing it just inside the forest at the side of the path. I found out that the angel is a memorial to a young woman who had worked at the Lesser Slave Lake bird observatory. The trail named after her is the Sara Scobie  Songbird Trail at Lesser Slave Lake Boreal Center.  Realizing the purpose of the angel it seemed fitting to be placed with the image of the heart shutters. When we were there the birds were too high in the tree tops to be seen but they filled the forest with song. Ahh my winter memories of a delightful summers day.
Hugs to all, may your day be filled with heartfelt warmth.

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