Friday, March 12, 2010

Yellow warblers and a touch of spring

A new start.

Yesterday afternoon was a pretty good day for me, I finished my Oriole in the cherry blossoms painting (photo to come later) and started roughing in another floral with yellow warblers. I worked from sketches that I previously played with in watercolor pencil. I find when working up onto canvas that I refer more often to the watercolor drawings than to the photos which I compiled the drawings from. As the canvas is larger than my sketches I also allow the floral to grow and fill the space; after all my sketches and photos are only a guideline to refer to for color and structure.

I had bought small hinges for my "John" doors at the Habitat for Humanity Re-store which is a wonderful recycling place to buy items others have removed from homes, anyways, I had not counted accurately when I peered through the taped package as its short one teeny tiny screw. On the weekend the search for a miniscule screw will be on, wish me luck. Once I have the doors attached I will photograph the completed project and post for all to see.

I realize I still have a waxwing piece to complete thats been sitting patiently to the sidelines, but as its a fall landscape and I am excited for spring it may have to wait a bit longer. I have another piece I wish to start with a lovable black-capped chickadee nestled amongst blossoms.


layers said...

Thanks for coming by my blog. I see you also have a love for nature-- especially birds. I have a collection of birds' nests and sometimes incorporate images of nests and birds into my artwork. you have a nice blog here.

teresa stieben said...

Thank you for your kind comment. Everything birds has become a passion for me.