Tuesday, March 16, 2010

sign of spring?

Ladybugs are they a hopeful sign of spring?  I spotted 5 in all scouring amongst last seasons decay which is this seasons fertilizer. Nature is the best recycler ever. I got so excited that I went back for my camera to share them here. The next shot of the leaf on icy snow was taken about four feet away from where the ladybugs are. The Merlin is back, I can hear the call as it flies by. Is he, or she advertising for a mate or declaring territory?

 Seeds and leaf on ice.

While photographing the ladybugs this chickadee flew in to check me out. Its mate kept at a distance but this one bounced around for a few minutes between the branches stopping to pause and cock its head. Chickadees are hardy birds, I am so glad they are year round residents.


layers said...

yes, the cycle of life-- spring is coming-- with the lady bugs, and birds- spring is a mixture of the end of winter with remnants coming into spring.

teresa stieben said...

I get excited when the ladybugs appear, though here it is April 9th and we once again have snow on the ground.