Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Goddess

I still have not figured out how to use photoshop elements. Elements 5 came with the camera I purchased last summer and I am having difficulty finding free tutorial info on line, but aside from that I am learning how to do a wee bit of manipulation in Pages. This is a photo collage of images I snapped this past summer. I love the eternal Goddess image. The Goddess has been with human kind throughout the centuries and survives even though early Christianity attempted to smother her memory; she abounds alive and well in Miriam images.

It has been wonderful having my daughter here for a few days. She has been busy creating mono-prints and completed a wonderful block-print using ez-cut lino while I played with my John collage project. I could not find my printing inks so she used acrylic paint, which worked but did not have the best consistency for rolling onto the brayer. I think I shall purchase some inks and more ez-cut for the next project when she visits again. It looks like so much fun that I am now anxious to attempt a bird print.

My daughter has left me my grand-puppy to watch for a a few days while she goes to visit her father as they don't allow dogs on Greyhound; ironic.

I looked over a small section of her travel photos (a few thousand) and I am blown away with the images she has. I am encouraging her to apply for an exhibition somewhere as they are too fantastic not to be seen.
May you all enjoy the day and capture a hug.

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