Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Enough light to post state the piece is at now. Its been interesting to photograph as I go along to see the changes made. I've found it best to photograph before I start for the day as once I get going I don't give thought to photographing the piece.

The gold and silver in the tree and moon glow can be seen. I painted red roots from the tree dipping down into the water with the tap root being golden color. The three glass beads are not yet attached. I have a gold color button to place as the moon, though that may be overkill, not sure yet to glue it on or add more golden paint for the moon.

On the inside right door panel I leafed gold up through the red band then applied two washes of red overtop to make the gold subtle as it overpowered the panel when full strength.

The next step will be to pound in flat gold color tacks around the raised border of the main panel and glue down the glass beads and attach the door hinges. 


Renee said...

Oh my - your art is amazing! Creative. Unexpected. very nice. Thank you for visiting my blog with Neva.

teresa stieben said...

Thank you, my mind is a buzzing with ideas that want a physical form. I do not restrict myself to one media as I find growth comes by challenging myself and the materials I use.

Cathy said...

I really like this piece especially the shape and the colours. It will be lovely when it is completed and a real achievement.