Tuesday, March 9, 2010

John 5: 22-24

Seems I forgot to note that it is John chapter 5:22-24 that Emmaus art group choose to translate into a work of art. I have now added the missing "5" thanks to John pointing it out in my previous post.

This piece has gone through much adding and removal of paint. I realize I need to do more of this type of work as I learn immensely by the challenge to overcome problems that present. Though it's a very slow process its also enjoyable for me to once again work with layers and textures.
The outside of the door panels have now been coated with acrylic gel, which I forgot to thin slightly so the glaze is a very uneven thickness; but thats alright as I have since added more paint atop and before its complete I will give it another few washes of clear acrylic. The gel intensified the colors of the collage photo giving back the water sheen. I have roughed in my gnarled "tree of life" under the moon and have since added silver and gold over it but am waiting for the light to photograph it.

The main photo was applied to the substrate with acrylic gel. Both the wood and on the paper were coated then pressed together using a brayer. Being that the watercolor paper is fairly thick and not wanting to find it curled up and off the board overnight it was placed under the weight of a few art books to cure. The nice part about this is that the paper molded to the grain of the wood giving a subtly texture that is hardly noticeable, yet there all the same. The sky is layered with wrapping tissue over wasp paper to give textural depth, then painted with layers of acrylic glazes and wiped back numerous times. Wasp paper is also layered along the bottom for depth, texture and a touch of the natural. I wish I had some beach sand as I would adhere a sprinkling across the shore, but alas, I have none.

I'm thinking about placing a small pale shell in the right hand corner, but am undecided as it may weight that corner too much due the sail boat resting there.  I just love that there is a red life preserver in the boat as that helps the warm cool theme play out. At first I considered painting it a darker red to make it more noticeable thought I realize that it probably works better as a statement of faith as is. 

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