Friday, March 5, 2010

Introducing Grandpuppies

Introducing Grand-puppies

My daughter named her mini-pin Loki, now I just sensed naming a dog after the God of mischief might not be such a good thing. Right now he is curled up in a basket by my feet. As he does not like being alone I brought the basket into the room and Loki happily jumped in, wound himself up in a tight ball and settled down for a snooze. In the above photo he is looking for the squirrel that runs along the fence line.

This is Fozzie, Loki's older cousin. Fozzie is my son's and his girlfriends Pug. 
A few years back an older couple mentioned they were going to Calgary to visit their grandchildren. I said I was also traveling south but that my grands were real dogs. The lady looked at me in shock and her husband burst out laughing. In July my first grandchild arrives into the world, I am so excited.
I have been working on an appliqué quilt for my grandson to snuggle up in.

My John project keeps taking unexpected turns. It will look nothing like my initial concept. I believe that is one of the beauties of creating, all the unexpected turns and minor mishaps that inspire one to make alterations. I feel sorry for people who know exactly what their finished piece will look like before they start and then strictly hold to that initial idea rather than having fun exploring possibilities. I believe I shall photograph it at this stage. More on that later. have a blessed day and Hugs to all.

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